Thursday, June 18, 2015

A New Life! (Proving my free spirit style)

I'm starting up the blog again...

In case you haven't heard, I am moving to Texas in one week. Texas was not my first choice of a place to escape Utah, but the circumstances are just right...

I have been wanting to move to a new place and see what type of life I can create for about five or more years now. I stayed in Utah to finish school.

Well, school is now done. I haven't found the job I want yet, and feel I won't find what I'm looking for around here. I find myself single again, and wary of being in any relationship in the near future. I have myself to figure out, which I have not allowed myself to do since I left home the first time at nineteen.

Texas is where I'm finding myself going. Partially for the job market, partially because I love heat, mostly because I have one brother living there already as well as his wife, so I won't be alone. And as a bonus, I already made a new friend who I feel is going to be one of my best friends ever.

Will I miss Utah? Sure. I will miss the mountains, the national parks close by. I will definitely miss my family and close friends.

This is my new adventure. I am so excited to see what is in store for me! Texas may not be my final destination, but I think its a good place to get a fresh start.

I feel this proves me as a free spirit, to get the gumption to up and move to a totally new place... just because I can.

I believe that by placing myself in a new environment, I will really find out who I am, and that I can make it.