Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Let's Talk About Kids...

I think its time to write another post on my "childfree" status.

I am thinking about this, because I recently filled out my Year 6 questionnaire of the childfree study I'm participating in.

I discovered something when answering her questions, (as well as a few conversations I've had with past "love interests" of mine). When I am on my own, single, and not dating anyone, I am 100% CF-never want kids, no way, no how, uh-uh. Then, once I am dating someone, or thinking about dating someone, or considering dating them in the long-term, and if that person mentions anything about wanting kids, or having had wanted kids in the past, suddenly I'm all on board the baby train...

Not because I actually want a baby. I think its more that I think, "hmm, they aren't 100% CF, maybe the only way I can keep a relationship going is to talk about having kids".


After these relationships end, I always end up saying, "what was I thinking?! I don't want kids. Why did I even start thinking about that?"

I guess I am confused. But if my true self is the self that I am when I am alone, and its then that I am 100% childfree, then doesn't that mean I should be childfree all the time?

If anyone wants to "play" armchair psychology, what do you think's going on? :)

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